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Mission of Plalloy MTD B.V.

Plalloy focuses to meet all agreed customer requirements and customer expectations by keeping stable quality activities. Communicating and co-operation with the customers is essential so that requirements are met satisfactory.
Plalloy also attaches great importance at an environmentally aware attitude and behaviour.
The activities of Plalloy have to comply with the law and regulations and respect human rights.

The above we obtain by:

  • To make required level for targets higher and or broader in order to achieve continuous improvements. Targets are reflected in the Management Review;
  • To maintain communication with customers, suppliers, local government and other stakeholders;
  • To increase all Plalloy employees awareness of quality, cleanliness, safety and protection of environment;
  • To implement new products and processes without fail;
  • To continually maintain and improve the effectiveness of our quality and environmental management system;
  • Continuance of ISO9001(2000), TS16949 and ISO14001.