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(June 2011)

Succesvolle samenwerking bij Plalloy
Door opleiden, binden en boeien

(April 2010)
20 Years
June 19 2010 Plalloy MTD celebrates its 20th anniversary. Open dag Palloy MTD B.V. Open dag Palloy MTD B.V.
(June 2008)
Plalloy starts inhouse VAPRO training (3 levels)

All employees working in the production can participate in the inhouse VAPRO training. This applies for regular employees as well for contractors. There are 3 levels of the VAPRO training. Employees who wants to participate will first have to do a test. Based on the results of this test the courselevel will be determined.

Participating in the VAPRO training is investing in the future.

For more information please contact Mr. R. Hoenen (manager HRM).
Also review the pressrelease