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Quality Manual Plalloy MTD B.V.

Both mother companies i.e. MITSUI & CO and Dainichiseika have set up corporate policies which are relevant stakeholder requirements.

MITSUI & CO: (https://www.mitsui.com/jp/en/company/outline/idea/index.html).

Dainichiseika: (http://www.daicolor.co.jp/english/company/philosophy/index.html)

In addition to Plalloy's commitment to the two parent companies policy, Plalloy MTD b.v. has set up its own additional policy.

Mission Statement
To continuously improve our products, services and values to contribute to Plastics Industry

Vision Statement
To be the best Toll Compounder in Europe

Comply with all Laws, Regulations and Human Rights
Communicate well with all Stakeholders

Obtain and maintain Quality Management System IATF16949:2016, ISO9001:2015
Obtain full Customer Satisfaction

Obtain and maintain Environmental Management System ISO14001:2015
Avoid negative effects on the environment Safety
Create and maintain optimal working conditions for all employees
Avoid all accidents

Scope of Plalloy
Compounding and colouring of plastics.
Permitted exclusions: Product design.
Explanation of exclusions:
Plalloy has the capability to assist customer with making color recipes for their compounds. Plalloy does not develop general recipes and sell it on the market. The recipes are made on customer request and depending on the situation also with the pigments provided by the customer. Plalloy does not guarantee the properties of the compound after colouring it. The approval process for the color is the responsibility of the customer. The approval process of the customer is also per compound and color combination.
After colour matching, Plalloy gets approval from the customer. After the retrieval of the approval only small corrections, to compensate for the ingredient fluctuations, are allowed. The basic recipe shall not change.

  1. We do not sell a typical color recipe in the market
  2. We are not responsible for the impact of the color recipe on the compound
  3. We assist our customers with coloring their compounds.

Physical locations: Mercuriusstraat 2, Kerkrade (owned), Mercuriusstraat 4, Kerkrade (rented).
Remote locations: None.
Outsourced processes: None.

Organization: All functions are described in the organizational chart in document MP01.00.CR001, Rules on Organizational Structure, are involved in the Quality Management System. There are no exclusions. All documents are managed in Manual Master Starling (MMS). Only documents in MMS are part of the Quality Management System.

Currently there are no Customer Specific Requirements. Before proceeding to produce for a specific customer, a contract is agreed upon. Before the contract is signed, Plalloy has determined whether it can meet the expectations and requirements of the customer. Any requirements are recorded in the customer requirements overview.